Thursday, August 23, 2012

Threshold - the reviews are in!

Photo by Bobbi Jo Brooks.  Email media requests for photography to blake at

Check out the reviews in BurnAway and ArtsAtl
Plus a photo slide show at Creative Loafing

Can't get enough? Save the date for an artist talk on October 9th at Emory University. For this Threshold Redux, we will share some gorgeous documentation by Room Eleven Media plus dig in to the ideas, imagery and collaborative process behind the work. 

Finally, we want to say: THANK YOU, ATLANTA. The Lucky Penny feels incredibly grateful for the many ways our community came together to support Threshold. It was an outrageous idea, a profound effort, and a very special piece to create for Atlanta audiences.  Here are some of the incredible numbers…

Days to build the cardboard house: 28
Hours to complete construction and technical production: 2,000
Lucky Penny artists, crew members and staff employed: 30
Volunteers: 70
Volunteer hours logged: 900
Supplies: 800 pieces of hexacomb and corrugated cardboard plus over 100 gallons of wood glue, hot glue and liquid nails
Average cups of coffee consumed per day by the crew: 50

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  1. And how many cardboard cuts?! Ouch!!!
    j/k :o)
    Loved the show and absolutely adored the score!